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Stepupmate – Men’s Behaviour Change

Need help now?
Call us on (02) 6563 1588.
If it is an emergency call 000


The ‘Step Up Mate’ program is accredited by NSW Attorney General and Justice department and holds membership with the NSW State Men’s Behaviour Change Network.


The Engage to Change project is a pilot project, funded under the NSW Office Of Women through NSW Health for a three year period. The successful Mid North Coast tender was awarded to Kempsey Families Inc the lead agency in a consortia based application in partnership with Port Macquarie Hastings Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Service Inc and Warrina Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Services Limited in Coffs Harbour.

Step up Mate offers men 4 individual counselling appointments to assess his hopes and goals for participating. These meetings are designed to work with men to self-assess if they are committed / ready to work towards non-violence and self-responsibility. The ongoing aim of these meetings are to prepare a man to move into our 12 week group program with up to 11 other men who have decided they are ready to work towards change (non-violence).

Our group aims to explore the impacts of our abuse /violence on our partners, children, selves and others. We explore ideas about men’s role within the world and relationship, and examine the ideas that help / hurt what we are trying to achieve in relationship. We look at responses to conflict and what we contribute to the problem and how we can take responsibility for safety and self. Communication, self-reflection and dealing with strong emotions are also important elements of the group work program.

What might it mean to never again say: “I just ‘lost it,’ “or “I just snapped” and to know how you are able to hold respect over abuse / violence?

All our staff are Domestic Violence specialists with many years’ experience working with men and women in response to violence. Our assessment counselor has counselling qualifications and is a specialist Domestic Violence practitioner with 12 years practice working with men.

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